Penn Ohio Youth Rodeo Association

youth rodeo

Center Cross W Arena

69 McCartney Road

Fredonia, PA 16124

Bill and Wanda Welton       724-475-3757

                           2021 Rodeo Dates

May 29
June 12 & 26

July 10 & 31

August 14 & 28
Finals :  September 11 & 12

The Penn-Ohio Youth Rodeo as a 501 (c)3 non- profit organization for members ages 21 and under.   The aim of this organization is to provide a diversion for the youth to funnel their energies and talents  into the wholesome sport of rodeo.     We promote good sportsmanship, a commitment  to the improvement of and involvement in our communities, support of the great sport of rodeo and most of all Christian values.

We want to say " Thank you "  to everyone for a super banquet this year !  It takes a lot of preparation and help to get everything ready.  A tremendous  THANKS  to all those who took care of the basket raffle and to those who bought tickets.  There was an amazing amount of   $ 1,985.00 raised for the rodeo as a result of  the raffle.

       THANK YOU ALL ! ! ! 

   Just a reminder about the upcoming Tack Swap.  It will be held on March 27, 2021 from 9-4 at Horse Play Stables.  10 x 10 spaces $ 15.00 ($ 5.00 per table extra if you need to rent a table.  Tables are limited. You MAY NOT set up racks if front of your table in the walkway.  For any questions, forms or more info, please contact Tammy McGranahan @ 724-813-6063  or 

Al Harvey @ 724-813-7080

The dates for the 2021 rodeo season are as follows :

May 29

June 12 & 26

July 10 & 31

August 14 & 28

Finals :    Sept.  11 & 12

We will send out all the new 2021 rodeo info out to everyone in early February.  If you are new and want information, please let me know anytime.

69 McCartney Road Fredonia, PA 16124